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Bally AS-2518-22 Electrolytic Capacitor Kit
Part Number BALLY-P22E-KIT
Bally AS-2518-22 Electrolytic Capacitor Kit

Electrolytic capacitor set for Bally AS-2518-22 Solenoid Driver / Voltage Regulator Module
Kit includes all new, matching capacitors:

Original = Radial Electrolytic 11700uF, 20 Volt
Kit = Computer Grade Electrolytic 12000uF, 25 Volt
GPE Part Number: CCG-12000uF-25V

Original = Axial Electrolytic 160uF, 350 Volt
Kit = Axial Electrolytic 160uF, 350 Volt
GPE part number CEA-160uF-350V-RMD

Original = Axial Tantalum or Electrolytic, 2uF, 25 Volt
Kit = Axial Tantalum, 2.2uF, 35 Volt
Vishay Part Number: 150D225X9035B2
(Varies from capacitor shown in photograph)

Cable ties for C23 and C26 included.

If existing C24 is already a Tantalum type capacitor then do not replace it unless the capacitor is known to be bad.
Higher voltage rated capacitors are a good substitute for lower voltage rated devices.
Observe proper polarities when installing parts.
Improper installation can result in damage and/or injury.
Price: $14.00