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Part Number W12246-PEC-KIT
Williams Power Supply D-12246 - Electrolytic Capacitor kit

Electrolytic capacitor set for Williams D-12246 Power Supply Boards
Kit includes all new capacitors:

C1, C3:
Original = Axial Electrolytic 150uF, 150 Volt
Kit = Axial Electrolytic 220uF, 160 Volt
GPE part number CEA-220uF-160V-RMD

Original = Radial Electrolytic 100uF, 25 Volt
Kit = Radial Electrolytic 100uF, 63 Volt
GPE part number CERH-100uF-63V-RPZ

Original = Radial Electrolytic 47uF, 50 Volt
Kit = Radial Electrolytic 47uF, 100 Volt
GPE part number CERH-47uF-100V

Original = Radial or Axial Electrolytic 1000uF, 25 Volt
Kit = Radial Electrolytic 1000uF, 25 Volt
GPE part number CER-1000uF-35V

Original = Axial Electrolytic 18000uF, 16 Volt
Kit = Axial Electrolytic 18000uF, 25 Volt
GPE part number CEA-18000uF-25V-RMD

Original = Radial Electrolytic 330uF, 10 Volt
Kit = Radial Electrolytic 330uF, 35 Volt
GPE part number CERH-330uF-35V-RPZ

Higher voltage rated capacitors are a good substitute for lower voltage rated devices.
Observe proper polarities when installing parts.
Improper installation can result in damage and/or injury.
Some capacitor voltages have been increased in order to fit original board's hole spacing.
Verify board part number before ordering. Some early System 11B's used the D-8345 board instead of the D-12246. For these boards, use the W711A kit instead.

For use in the following machines:
System 11B (See notes above): Taxi, Jokerz, Earthshaker, Black Knight 2000, Police Force, Transporter - The Rescue, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Bad Cats, Mousin' Around, Whirlwind
System 11C: Game Show, Roller Games, Pool Sharks, Diner, Radical, Riverboat Gambler, Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball, Dr. Dude (non-WPC)
Price: $12.00