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GPE Sample Components

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Custom made cables for Stern sound boards.
Sizes available use with 32 and 34 pin interconnect.
0.1" pin to pin spacing.

Latest store news

13 Jan 2018
Getting real close to being caught up with orders but it took a full week to do it. Will re-enable the store Sunday evening.

7 Jan 2018
Just reopened after taking two weeks vacation. Due to an extremely high number of orders this past week - we need to disable the checkout function until we're caught up. This may take a few days.

Our credit card processor (Paypal) is often having problems acknowledging orders back to my website after completing orders. The acknowledgements are coming back but delayed by several minutes causing my website to timeout waiting for the acknowledgement. You might receive a timeout error after submitting credit card payment. If you do - know that this may be the reason. But feel free to contact us if you have any doubts.