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Our current featured product:
Custom made connectors -
28 pin, 0.1" alternates for obsolete Molex 22-01-2287.

Latest store news

4 Apr 2020
Website checkout still disabled for the time being. Spent all of today working on:
1 - Income Taxes, wheeee!
2 - Updating website to version 1.9
3 - Moving all software to new computer.
First two went smoothly, Most everything on #3 is moved except Endicia... buggiest software on the planet! As Spock once said - "colorful metaphors" were fairly common. Will try again on Sunday.

24 Mar 2020
Procedure changes due to Covid-19 virus:
Great Plains Electronics will continue to ship orders but at a slower rate (only me with no help). To keep exposure with the virus at a minimum, all outside contact is limited.
Many items that we have on order (especially Molex) are delayed due to the virus. When a shipment arrives - it immediately gets placed into quarantine. Shipment is not touched, opened or examined for a minimum period of 4 days (longer than the virus will persist on plastic, metal, cardboard, etc). This quarantine period will delay orders that include items that are provided with these shipments. Very few items are part of the incoming shipments as we are keeping incoming boxes to a minimum.
If anyone at GPE comes into contact with a suspected Covid-19 carrier, GPE will immediately discontinue operations for a 14-day period and then re-analyze the situation.
Stay Healthy!

25 Jan 2020
Both Nichicon and Richey axial capacitors are now obsolete.
We will soon begin using a new capacitor source for axial type electrolytic capacitors.