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Our current featured product:
Custom made cables for Stern sound boards.
Sizes available use with 32 and 34 pin interconnect.
0.1" pin to pin spacing.

Latest store news

12 Nov 2019
Paypal problems are still present but infrequent. Orders are going through but some customers are getting timeout errors. If you have questions - feel free to email.
And ... now that bought - I now no longer have postage service. The new software update forced on us this weekend doesn't work in the slightest, doesn't even appear that they tested it before pushing it out. I am now without any means to ship orders. Hopefully this will be fixed Wednesday

5 Nov 2019
Paypal has gone from bad to worse this week. All orders are timing out due to Paypal issues - BUT the orders are still going through. Email me for verification.
1 Nov 2019
Paypal is yet again having problems confirming orders. If you get a timeout message from my website - the order most probably did go through anyways. If you get an automated confirmation email from my website - the order has been confirmed. If you do not get an automated confirmation email - let me know and I'll look it up

27 Sept 2019
Lots of connectors restocked this week with select styles of 0.1" and 0.156" going on clearance.
No 28 pin connectors yet - but they're coming.

31 Oct 2019 -- 28 pin connectors are due to ship November 6th