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The much asked for -- Gottlieb QuickScan 80, Version 3

Great Plains Electronics is closed the last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each month. Next scheduled closed days are 25th through 27th of March.

December 2014 --
On-Semiconductor (formerly Motorola) has announced end of life for practically all TO-92 style components. This includes popular components such as MPSA13, 2N3904 and 2N4401 transistors, 2N5060 series SCRs and many other components. Many of these components have second source manufacturers but locating stock has proven difficult. Great Plains Electronics is attempting to stock up on discontinued items and will continue to sell them as long as possible.
Also, ST Microelectronics had previously placed their popular TDA2030AV audio amplifier at End Of Life. This month, ST Microelectronics reversed their EOL decision and has decided to continue making TDA2030AVs for the time being.... and this week, ST Microelectronics Re-issued an EOL for their TDA2030AV... not sure which to believe.
February 2015 --
Molex has discontinued its 2574 series edge connectors.
So -- both single sided and double sided edge connectors for Gottliebs are obsolete. Fortunately, there is a replacement for the smaller (12 pins or less) connectors but not for the larger and more popular connectors.
March 2015
And... now Panasonic has discontinued all Snap-in style electrolytic capacitors.