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Our first stocked product from WDC is their W65C21N6TPG-14 -- a *New* alternate for the popular but obsolete Motorola 6821 Peripheral Interface Adapter.

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Important note - many European deliveries have been delayed by as much as 3 months. Presumably this is due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please take this into consideration when placing orders.

19 June 2020
Great Plains Electronics is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized distributor for Western Design Center - manufacturer of 6502 processor products. Many of their products coming soon!

9 June 2020
Recently added - Harris Semiconductor HC1-55536-5 CVSD Demodulators. These will replace the following CVSD Modulators/Demodulators when using the Demodulation section only: HC1-55516, HC1-55532 and HC1-55564.

25 January 2020
Both Nichicon and Richey axial capacitors are now obsolete.
We will soon begin using a new capacitor source for axial type electrolytic capacitors.
5 April 2020 - Update. Richey capacitor has returned but is under new management. They are now shipping new capacitors again.