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Our current featured product:
Custom made cables for Stern sound boards.
Sizes available use with 32 and 34 pin interconnect.
0.1" pin to pin spacing.

Latest store news


1 --
Update - Jan 18th
My email server died and, unfortunately, it took all my emails with it. I still have all copies of orders and this will not affect any orders placed. But have lost any separate emails such as comments or questions.
If you have any outstanding emails (not orders) - please resend them and I'll reply as soon as possible!

2 --
Update - Jan 15th
After taking nearly a month of vacation in December and reopening on Jan 3rd - we are now completely swamped with orders.
Unfortunately, orders have been coming in a furious pace and we cannot devote enough time to filling orders. We had to disable the website checkout function until we get a bit caught up. It may take until this weekend before we get things rolling again.