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Ordering Information

How to order

Use the shopping cart to select items desired. When completed - select Checkout and fill in all required information. Creating a user account is optional and not required to complete an order.

Important! Simply placing an item in the shopping cart does NOT reserve the time. To reserve an item - the checkout phase must be completed! If parts are limited - he who checks out with the item first gets the item!

Order name and address:
Please double check your name, mailing address and email address for correctness!
We must have full first and last name for addressing - we cannot use personal initials.

There are three options presented as payment types:
1 -- Submit order and request quotation
2 -- Submit order and pay using check or money order
3 -- Submit order and pay using credit card or Paypal

1 -- Quotation method:
Upon completion of this type of order, the GPE website will send an email to sales at GPE with a complete listing of items desired. GPE will verify the request for product availability and shipping charges and will return a quotation via email. The quotation will include payment information required to complete the transaction. This method of payment is commonly used when ordering items that are shown as sold out on the GPE website.

2 -- Check or money order method (US Customers only):
For U.S. orders -- Checks, money orders and cashier's checks are also accepted.
Checks or money orders must be made payable to: Great Plains Electronics
Send a copy of the parts order and check or money order for entire amount to:

Great Plains Electronics, LLC
15123 Grant Circle
Omaha, NE 68116

GPE reserves the right to hold merchandise for sufficient time to allow personal checks to pass.
A $20.00 bank processing fee shall be charged on all returned checks.

3 -- Paypal method:
Checking out using the Paypal method will take you to the Paypal website. At the Paypal website, you can complete the transaction with or without a paypal account. If you do not have a Paypal account or wish to pay using credit card without logging into Paypal, select the link on the right side - "Pay with credit or debit card". This will take you to a secure page where you can pay without having a Paypal account.

4 -- Credit card method:
Great Plains Electronics also offers secure credit card processing. For privacy and security reasons, all data entered within the credit card page is exclusively between the customer and Paypal. Great Plains Electronics never sees the credit card number or any other information entered within this frame nor is the credit card number ever stored on our website server.

Regardless of payment type selected, if you do not receive an email or automated "Status of your Great Plains Electronics Order" message within 4 business days - please email for status. It is possible the original request may have been overlooked or a glitch may have occurred within the ordering process. Also, check your spam filter - spam filters are responsible for a majority of missing emails.

Occasionally, I will allow NET-30 accounts for select customers.
NET-30 accounts must be paid within 30-days.
Having been burned by non-paying customers before, if a payment is late and exceeds 90 days from delivery date, the account shall be charged a 1% maintenance fee per month ($1 per month minimum) until the account is paid in full. Also, non-paying orders may be liable for paying fees due to use of collection agencies. Worst case for non-payers - in addition to outstanding total, you may also be stuck with legal fees and punitive damages if your case is taken to small claims court.

All prices and transactions are in to be in US funds.
Minimum Order: $5.00.

Shipping Charges, fees and Taxes

All prices for components and assemblies exclude shipping charges.

Due to light weight of electronic components, US Postal Service is used for a majority of shipping. GPE reserves the right to provide improved shipping alternatives at no additional cost (e.g. revise Fedex Ground to USPS Priority).

The shipping charges provided by the shopping cart include shipping and handling charges.
Shipping charges are based on expected actual rates charged by USPS or FedEx plus a handling charge of $0.50 to cover cost of box,packing materials, etc. Plus 2% insurance with minimum insurance $1 (US) and $2 (foreign).

Forign orders:
As a seller, we are expected to be in compliance with the import laws and regulations of the countries we ship to. This includes accurately representing the contents of your package. For example, GPE must ensure that an order is not marked as a "gift" on a customs declaration form. GPE will also not mark orders as "samples" unless the item truly is a sample.
Your order may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which may be levied once your package reaches your country. GPE ships your order as duties and taxes unpaid. If your order does incur these additional charges, they must be rendered in order for your order to clear customs.

Sales Tax: Nebraska residents shall be charged a 7% sales tax.

All wire transfers will be subject to $25 bank fee.

Due to consistent 33% overcharges by Fedex, Fedex shipping options are currently disabled.

Parts Availability and Pricing

All prices apply to in stock parts only.
Many "out of stock" or "Sold out" parts have become difficult to obtain. As pointed out by many people - ebay sellers can fill in many of these part numbers. Beware! Many of these sellers are providing counterfeit parts. GPE refuses to buy components from questionable dealers.
Great Plains Electronics is a small organization with low overhead -- resulting in lowest possible prices. To maintain a low overhead, we are not able to stock large quantities of parts. GPE will, from time to time, run out of standard stocked items. If we should run out while filling your order, please have patience -- every effort will be made in order to expedite the restocking of parts and filling of orders. In the event that a part is no longer obtainable (becoming more frequent) -- a refund will be issued for the difference.

The manufacturer and manufacturer part number is often listed within the part description. Although GPE strives to keep this information accurate - occasionally manufacturer sources and part numbers will vary and might not match specified information. Contact Great Plains Electronics if a specific manufacturer or part number is desired.

Quantity discounts are provided on some items. If a customer orders a significant quantity where the discount would have saved money but was still below the discount quantity threshold -- GPE will no longer adjust quantity to take advantage of the discount. We have found that in doing this, the web site inventory counts are getting out of sync with actual stock and we end up selling imaginary stock (yeah, this is a tough one to explain).

Electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) components notification

The majority of integrated circuits, transistors, and diodes can be damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD or static electricity). All ESDS components are handled and stored with utmost care, are shipped in static shielding bags and are marked as static sensitive. To ensure functionality of these components after you receive them -- we recommend use of static dissipative procedures whenever possible. Great Plains Electronics adheres to US Military Standard MIL-STD-1686 regarding ESDS handling procedures.

If your existing source is shipping ESD sensitive components without using static shielding bags or, even worse, using clear bags or white foam for ESD sensitive components - Stop using them!
Static Shielding bags are silver or black. Anti-static (pink) bags are NOT static shielding bags - they will not generate static charges but they will not protect against ESD discharge from an external source such as other packaging material.
Also demand ESD sensitive Integrated Circuits are shipped in tubes or conductive foam (black). If the ICs are shipped within white foam - send them back!

Quality of sold components

Unless otherwise specified, all components sold are unused. Due to the fact that some components are no longer made, certain components are provided as NOS or New Old Stock. The NOS parts may be several years old and may have minor imperfections due to extended storage but are still unused.

Contacting Great Plains Electronics

Due to late night working hours - GPE does not have an incoming phone number. To contact Great Plains Electronics - please send email to or write to the above mailing address. Emails and questions are normally answered in the evening after the day's orders have been filled.

Please contact us via email!
Please do not call Great Plains Electric in Omaha -- they are not the same company.
Please do not call the phone number presented by ICANN - you are more likely to get answers regarding Sesame Street and Sponge Bob SquarePants characters than anything regarding parts.

Due to the harsh nature of equipment in which these parts are being installed -- no refunds, returns, or exchanges on electronic components are allowed. Electronic assemblies carry individual warranties -- see assembly information for additional information.

Damaged, lost or incorrect Orders:
Please notify Great Plains Electronics of any damaged, lost or incorrect order within 30 days of ship date. We would also appreciate notification if you were sent an overage of components so we can adjust inventories to prevent selling of non-existent stock to future customers. We do not ask for overages back -- it is our error.

Important! If you use a mail forwarding service - Great Plains Electronics is only responsible for damaged or lost orders to the forwarding service and not beyond.

Standard Disclaimers:
All prices are subject to change without notice. Since seller cannot control the manner or use of its products after the sale, the seller shall not be responsible for any consequential or indirect damages. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of these web pages, Great Plains Electronics assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.
See Terms and Conditions for additional disclaimers.