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Latest store news

5 June 2021 -
First hot days of the season and the air conditioner is dead.
It's too hot to take on new orders - we'll be closed until we can get air conditioner replaced.

17 April 2021 -
Effective immediately - I am currently working long hours at my other job Monday through Friday. As a result, only a few orders will be shipped during the week and most orders will be packed and shipped on weekends.

EU Customers -
Effective 1 July 2021, the EU will expect non-EU located sellers to collect VAT on all products shipped to EU. We currently do not have time to deal with the VAT tracking/paying and will stop selling to EU during June. We are hoping to use a VAT service in the future for both EU and UK customers.

United Kingdom Customers -
Effective 1-Jan-2021, the UK now expects foreign sellers to collect VAT in advance. If the VAT is not prepaid, the order will be shipped back to the seller at a complete loss of expensive shipping charges. Shipping orders to UK is now temporarily disabled.

Important note - many European deliveries have been delayed by as much as 3 months. Presumably this is due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please take this into consideration when placing orders.