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Latest store news

9 September 2021 -
Due to VAT rules changes, Great Plains Electronics no longer ships directly to EU countries or UK.
Customers of those countries can still place orders through the use of forwarding services such as or
To use these services:
1 - Setup account at service
2 - Place order at Great Plains Electronics. Enter your address in the default or 'bill to' address. Select "I would like this shipped to a different address" and add your assigned US address as the "Ship To" address.

Order will be shipped to US address, forwarding service will consolidate/forward merchandise to your mailing address and will take care of customs and VAT.
Important - Great Plains Electronics insures items only to our shipping destination (the forwarding service). Any damage or loss following that time will be responsibility of the forwarding service.

3 September 2021 -
The US Postal service has temporarily suspended all first class deliveries to Australia. As of Sept 17th, Australia is also no longer accepting Priority mail packages.

17 April 2021 -
Effective immediately - I am currently working long hours at my other job Monday through Friday. As a result, only a few orders will be shipped during the week and most orders will be packed and shipped on weekends.

Important note - many European deliveries have been delayed by as much as 3 months. Presumably this is due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please take this into consideration when placing orders.