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Downloads for the QuickScan80
Version 2

Software and Firmware

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Software Source Code (ASM File)

Software Source Code (Programming Data)

GAL6001 Code (ABEL Format)

GAL6001 Code (Programming Data)

Update history for QuickScan80 U2 GAL

124-001 -- worked with most boards - but would occasionally display errant information on the 7-segment display when the CPU had a timing anomaly. This timing anomaly was the result the CPU clock running in a manner not according to specifications. There was no adverse affect on the CPU board circuitry and the test code ran properly with the afflicted boards.
124-002 -- Test version, not released.
124-003 -- added correction for timing anomaly problem but a cut-and-paste error within CPLD code occasionally caused certain digits to appear wrong on the 7-segment display. For example - a "1" could appear as a "9".
124-004 -- Corrected cut-and-paste error.
124-005 -- Same as 124-004, rearranged storage locations within EPROM.

Quick drawing of desired timing versus observed timing on an board with timing anomaly.

Manual -- Version 1.7, Uploaded 22 January 2006

Manual (Acrobat Format)

Manual is a large file -- Approx 1MB