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Crimping multiple wires into one contact

Although considered poor practice by many manufacturers, you can often crimp multiple wires into one contact.

To do this, you must first determine the proper crimp contact size required for two wires.

Step 1: Determine total Circular Mil Area or CMA for each wire.
This can be determined based on wire size.
Common values:
16AWG wire = 2580
18AWG wire = 1620
20AWG wire = 1020
22AWG wire = 642
24AWG wire = 404
Other sizes can be found with an internet search for "wire gauge CMA chart".

Step 2: Add up the CMA for each wire to be crimped into contact.
Example 1 --
1x 22AWG wire plus 1x 20AWG wire = 642 + 1020 = 1662
Example 2 --
2x 18AWG wires = 1620 + 1620 = 3240

Step 3: Find closest equivalent size for calculated CMA.
6530 = 12AWG equivalent size
5180 = 13AWG equivalent size
4110 = 14AWG equivalent size
3260 = 15AWG equivalent size
2580 = 16AWG equivalent size
2050 = 17AWG equivalent size
1620 = 18AWG equivalent size
1290 = 19AWG equivalent size
1020 = 20AWG equivalent size
810 = 21AWG equivalent size
642 = 22AWG equivalent size

Step 4: Find closest crimp contact to match new equivalent wire size using above examples:
Example 1 --
1x 22AWG plus 1x 20AWG = 1662 CMA. Closest wire size = 18AWG
Find contact with 18AWG within it's crimp size window.
Example 2 --
2x 18AWG = 3240 CMA. Closest wire size = 15AWG.
But what if your contacts do not have 15AWG within their acceptable wire size but can crimp wire in the 18-16AWG wire size?
For these - it is acceptable to go down one wire size to a value such as 16AWG.

Going down by more than one size is possible but may result in a less than desirable crimp.