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Integrated Circuits

CPUs, Peripherals, Logic, Linear and Voltage Regulators

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Processors and Peripherals
Integrated Circuits: Processors and Peripherals
Integrated Circuits: Memory
Integrated Circuits: Linear
Transistor Arrays, Audio Amplifiers, Operational Amplifiers and other linear components
4000 Series
Integrated Circuits: 4000 Series
Low Power CMOS Logic Devices
74XX00 Series
Integrated Circuits: 74xx00 Series
7400, 74S00/74F00, 74LS00, 74HC00, and 74HCT00 Logic Devices
Miscellaneous Logic
Miscellaneous Logic
Applied Discounts
10% Discount for purchase of 10 or more
Integrated Circuits: Miscellaneous Logic Components
Voltage Regulators
Integrated Circuits: Voltage Regulators