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Cement, Carbon Film, Metal Film, Trimmers and networks

Quarter Watt Resistors
Quarter Watt Resistors
Applied Discounts
20% Discount for purchase of 25 or more Resistors.
Discount only applies when purchasing 25 or more resistors of the same value.
Carbon Film Resistors, 1/4 Watt
Half Watt Resistors
Half Watt Resistors
Applied Discounts
Qty 200+ = $0.03 each
Qty 25-199 = $0.04 each
Qty 5-24 = $0.05 each
Carbon Film Resistors, 1/2 Watt
Power Resistors
Power Resistors: Wirewound and Metal Oxide
Precision Resistors
Precision resistors: Metal film
Resistor Networks
Resistor Networks: Bussed and discrete
Variable Resistors
Variable Resistors: Trimmers and potentiometers
Clearance Resistors
Clearance Resistors: Mil-Spec, Carbon composition and select KOA brand