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Part Number 125-101
Gottlieb System 1 Power Supply

Direct replacement for Gottlieb System 1 power supply.

Features of the GPE System 1 power supply:
Extensive use of power and ground planes for less electrical noise generation and better heat dissipation.
No components mounted to base plate - easy access to all components.
Screw terminal connections installed to provide optional secure connections for ground and 5 volts.
Same physical size and mounting hole pattern as original to assure easy installation.
No surface mount components used. All components are user replaceable.

Modern switching power supply for the 5 volt section:
Capable of providing up to 5 amps of power (current limited to 4 amps for safety purposes).
Includes soft-start powerup and built in short circuit protection.
Highly efficient MOSFET based switching supply with a >95% *measured* efficiency when providing 3.6 amps. This means that when providing 3.6 amps to the 5 volt load - this regulator is drawing less than 1.6 amps from the transformer!

Measured values:
Input power = 12 volts x 1.55 Amps = 18.6 watts
Output power = 5 volts x 3.6 Amps = 18 watts
Efficiency = 18 / 18.6 = 96.7%

Output voltage adjustment provided to overcome cabling voltage loss. Adjustable between 5.0 volts and 5.5 volts. Long life, sealed cermet trimmer used for adjustment. No chance of accidentally adjusting voltage too high causing possible component damage - even if the voltage adjustment trimmer fails.

Far less heat is generated by this supply under full load compared to the original power supply. Also, some replacement power supplies provided by others rely on the circuit board for thermal dissipation or, worse, no heat sinks at all. GPE heat sinks all heat generating devices and has the coolest running power supply of them all. A cool running board = long life.

The old supply dissipated a whopping 25.2 watts of power (based on 3.6 amp load). This translates to a lot of wasted power - i.e. heat.
This new supply dissipates a mere 0.6 watts of power based on the same 3.6 amp load. Much less heat generated.

Note - the regulator is only part of the power supply. The input voltage rectification and filtering must also be considered.
For input rectification - the two input diodes must be sized properly to reduce heat and prolong lifespan. Since these rectifier diodes directly feed a capacitive load - the rectifiers must be derated by 20% from manufacturer specifications. GPE uses 6A4 diodes rated at 6 amps for this purpose. Derating them by 20% allows an input current load of 4.8 amps. This allows the rectifiers to run cool while providing more than sufficient current to the regulator when running at full 4A load.
As used by others, a 1N4004 is a horrible choice here as it is derated to 0.8 amps. With the more realistic 15 volt rectified DC input voltage, this diode limits the the regulator's output current to less than 2 amps before the diode starts overheating. In case of a heavy current load - which value is hit first? The 4A current limiting within the regulator or the 0.8A input diodes? ... it sure won't be the regulator.
Choice of input capacitors is also important for proper and prolonged operation. The GPE board uses multiple capacitors mounted in parallel to not only provide proper filtering but to also reduce capacitance series resistance (ESR). The lower the ESR value, the more efficient the regulator circuit. Capacitance values are all at or above original designed values, none have been reduced in value to save on costs.

Proven series pass transistor design for high voltage section:
Uses easy to find and inexpensive components.
Power resistors are over-sized to maximize heat dissipation.
Foldback current limiting for short circuit protection.

This new supply dissipates a mere 0.6 watts of power based on the same 3.6 amp load. Much less heat generated.

Due to combination of real heat sinks plus highly efficient components - this is the coolest running power supply available.

-- Online Documentation --

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Assembled in USA
Price: $85.00