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Part Number 131-216-014-PR
Ribbon Cables, 16 Conductor, Single Row, Pair
16 conductor, Single Row, 0.1" Spacing
350mm long (13.8")
Sold only in pairs, price is per pair.

These cables are intended for use as the Stern MPU-100 to SB-100 AND MPU-200 to SB-300 connections.
Two 16-pin cables are required to facilitate the 32-pin connection between these two boards.
Note that later Sterns used two cables to facilitate a 34-pin connection between boards. The last two pins (33 and 34) are not used and can be ignored. For some boards, connecting pins 33 and 34 can cause problems.

Two keying pins are provided with each pair for optional keying of cable 2.

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Price: $12.00