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Part Number 135-105
Bally Rectifier Board

Heavy duty replacement rectifier board for early Bally and Stern pinball machines.

Replaces Bally AS-2518-18, AS-2518-49 and equivalent Stern boards (TA-100).

Features of the GPE replacement Rectifier Board:
-- Drop in replacement for existing Rectifier boards.
-- Replaced undersized bridge rectifiers with 35 amp, top mounted bridge rectifiers.
-- Extra thick (3 oz) copper board construction -- all traces exceed the current handling capability as defined in ANSI/IPC-D-275 and Military Standard MIL-STD-275E.
-- Extensive use of thermally relieved power and ground planes to maximize current carrying capacity and heat dissipation.
-- All high current connector contact positions have traces to bottom of board -- This means no high current contacts rely on the connector's plated through holes! This was a common cause of failures on the original rectifier boards and remains unfixed on competitors boards.
-- All ground connections have redundant connections to both top and bottom of board.
-- Uses high quality tin plated beryllium copper fuse holders (Bussmann brand) for all fuses - both low and high current fuses.
-- Covered fuse area for safety concerns. Cover easily removed from friction fit mounts. Cover is made from clear, flame retardant Makrolon plastic (same material used on fire fighter masks). Clear cover and mounting hardware is not shown in above picture.
-- High power dissipating heat sinks on BR1, BR2 AND BR3.
-- R1 and R2 power resistors values adjusted to reduce operating temperatures. NOTE - these resistors still operate at a highly elevated temperature.
-- Solder mask over bare copper (SMOBC) circuit board construction -- no bubbling of solder mask during soldering process while attaching transformer wires.
-- Ground terminal screw connection provided for optional high current ground or alternate E8 connection.
-- Top and bottom silkscreen markings of wire locations ("E" holes) to make installation easier.
-- All "E" holes are thermally relieved to allow for solder-ability.
-- Includes redundant E7 and E8 connections as on original. Also includes redundant E9 and E10 connections to accommodate double wires as used on KISS, Space Invaders and Future Spa.
-- This board was created by an engineer that designs high reliability satellite electronic systems. The result is a design that will provide decades of reliable and carefree service.

Effective with Serial Number 301 -- All three bridge rectifiers now have heat-sinks.

Accessory kit provided with each GPE replacement Rectifier Board:
Four replacement board standoffs
9-pin plug (9th pin left used in 8-pin machines)
10-pin plug
20-pin plug
Three keying plugs
40 Trifurcon style crimp contacts (genuine Molex, no Chinese knockoffs)
F1 -- 10 Amp
F2 -- 0.75 Amp Slow
F3 -- 4 Amp
F4 -- 5 Amp
F5 -- 20 Amp
F6 -- 3 Amp Slow
ONLY quality Buss or Littelfuse fuses are provided, no Chinese brand fuses!
Cable Ties
Note -- not all machines are fused the same. Refer to your game's manual for proper fusing.

Games supported by the GPE Bally Rectifier Board:
Freedom, Night Rider, Evel Knievel, Eight Ball, Power Play, Mata Hari, Strikes and Spares, Black Jack, Lost World, Six Million Dollar Man, Playboy, Voltan, Supersonic, Star Trek, Paragon, Harlem Globetrotters, Dolly Parton, KISS, Future Spa, Space Invaders, Nitro Groundshaker, Silverball Mania, Rolling Stones, Mystic, Hotdoggin', Viking, Skateball, Frontier

Stern (TA-100):
Pinball, Stingray, Stars, Memory Lane, Lectronamo, Wildfyre, Nugent, Dracula, Pinball, Trident, Hot Hand, magic, Meteor, Galaxy, Ali, Big Game, Seawitch, Cheetah, Quicksilver, Stargazer, Nineball, Iron Maiden, Viper, Dragonfist, Flight 2000, Free Fall, Lightning, Split Second, Catacomb, Orbitor One

This board contains hazardous voltages. Never touch components on board with machine plugged in!
This board includes parts that normally operate at high temperatures (roughly 200F). Never touch board until components have cooled off!

> Click here for documentation for version 135-105 <

> Click here for documentation for version 135-104 <

Made in USA
Price: $60.00