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Part Number 120-102
QuickScan80 Test Fixture

The QuickScan80 test fixture is intended for use with the Gottlieb System 80 series of CPU boards. The test fixture performs complete and exhaustive tests on all three RIOT IC's and the 5101 memory. Continuous status of these tests is updated on a numeric 7-segment display. The QuickScan80 doesn't merely write to the device, read it back and call it good. It performs multiple tests on each device. All memory is tested completely - from beginning to end - with multiple patterns to catch not only bad data lines but bad address lines as well. All output ports on the RIOT's are completely tested with read back. All RIOT memory is triple tested. Even the timer and IRQ functions of the RIOT's are tested completely.
On board GO/NO GO displays provide instant status of MPU reset, clock, and IRQ signals.

After completely testing the MPU board, the QuickScan80 allows the user to enter one of several modes:
1 -- Continuous retest (good for burn-in testing)
2 -- Lamp testing
3 -- Solenoid testing
4 -- Sound testing
5 -- Switch testing
6 -- Score display testing (For System 80 and 80A only)

The QuickScan80 test fixture Includes:
Test Fixture
6-Inch Ribbon cable assembly
18-Inch Jumper cable assembly

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Version 120-102 is obsolete. Watch for replacement version 120-103.

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